Guest Story: Mally Mott-Adams

Posted on Mon February 12, 2018.

"When I arrived at Villa Maji’s entrance, it all seemed so unassuming and ordinary.  But as I walked in through the front door, a whole new experience struck me, quite unexpectedly.  I found myself in a tremendously vast space, which looks straight out at the Atlantic Ocean, filled with striking colour; extraordinary and eclectic décor, all collected by the much-travelled hostess, Christina; beautiful woodwork; personal photographic stories; and more than anything else, a warm and nurturing welcome.

Visiting Namibia’s coast is a must-do on every tourist’s list, and when I visit Swakopmund it is fundamental that I find somewhere to stay where I can hear and smell the constantly turbulent Atlantic Ocean, all the time – even in my bedroom.

Villa Maji fulfilled this desire perfectly, as it is situated right there, on the beach, next to the sea and its profound sound.

As an artist I felt quite at home within, as Villa Maji is an exceptionally beautiful, comfortable space. Villa Maji’s expansive design offers ample space where one can relax and spend time within, without feeling confined.  My favoured spot was upstairs in the Cocktail Lounge, where I relaxed in a gorgeous velvet sofa, looking out at the ocean surrounded by jade shades and a particularly elegant hanging lantern from Morocco.

By the way, Villa Maji is a Bed & Breakfast, and so, there’s one more thing: Scrambled Egg. Scrambled egg is a funny thing, mostly because, so often, what is put in front of me on a plate is not what I have envisioned and looked forward to for breakfast.  The list of what can go wrong with the preparation of scrambled egg is endless:  too snotty, too thin and watery, too stingy a portion, too crunchy, too much like mashed potatoes, too lots of other things…  But at Villa Maji, I was delighted to discover the mastered art of perfectly prepared and delicious scrambled egg!  This, in the hospitality world, is a rare experience indeed.

I most definitely recommend Villa Maji as the place to go for those who are looking for a friendly but also well-organised atmosphere, a strikingly beautiful setting – both inside and outside, a gorgeously trimmed bedroom with a wonderfully comfortable bed at night, and immediate access to the beach and the constant sound of the ocean. Mally Mott-Adams, Khomas Hochlands, Namibia"

- Mally Mott-Adams, Khomas Hochlands, Namibia